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Are you Ready for V-Con 2013? …Relive Last V-Con’s Experience!

Are you ready for V-Malaysia 2013? Well, we don’t know about you but we certainly can’t wait! So to stir up the hype, we decide to take you all with us on a journey to relive V-Indonesia 2012. Remember how much fun, inspirational and heart-warming V-Indonesia was? Yeah, let’s go visit that perfect moment in […]

Catch the Exclusive Network Marketing Presentation By Dr Charles King at V-Indonesia 2012!

Want to be on top of your game in the network marketing business? Who better than to learn from than the experts themselves! Thousands of you were lucky enough to watch the powerful presentation given by the acclaimed Dr Charles King at V-Indonesia 2012! Dr Charles King is the face of Network Marketing professionalisation. He […]

Network Marketing Expert Dr Charles King Delivers Exciting Presentation At V-Indonesia 2012

That’s right, folks! We heard it from the man himself. We are in the right place at the right time. A bright future is ours for the taking! Dr Charles King is the face of Network Marketing professionalisation. He holds a PHD from Harvard University and is currently a professor at the University of Illinois […]

Adiva Divine DESIRE Collection Attracts Attention At V-Indonesia 2012!

The beautiful Adiva Divine booth was truly one of the highlights of the QNET Pavillion at V-Con! Showcasing the best pieces from the Adiva Divine Collection, the booth was always buzzing with activity, and the brand’s DESIRE collection, which was released earlier this year, became a crowd favourite! With outstandingly stylish design that caught everyone’s […]

Last few Days Of The V-Con FEVER Promo!

Got plans for this weekend? You sure do! Use all the passion and energy gained at V-Con to grow your business and do some shopping too! This is the last weekend of the V-Con FEVER Promo, which was extended at V-Con so you could enjoy all the amazing deals a little longer! And now with […]

VFan, a Clear Favourite Amongst V-Indonesia 2012 Guests!

In addition to thousands of IRs, QNET and The V leaders, corporate staff and VIPs, V-Indonesia 2012 had a very special and  important guest — the QNET VFan was present and the crowd loved it! He spent the five days in the Formula 1 FanHQ booth modelling the sparkling Marussia F1 Team show car, having […]

Celebrating QNET’s First Female Diamond Stars: Aarati Dighe & Mahitab Hussein!

Join us in congratulating Aarati Dighe from India and Mahitab Hussein from Egypt on being QNET’s first female Diamond Stars! Aarati and Mahitab’s amazing achievement shows us how hard work, passion and positive thinking can make dreams true! Both Aarati and Mahitab believe that success is a state of mind; if you can envision your […]

V-Indonesia 2012 Memories: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran Receives ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award!

V-Indonesia 2012 was indeed full of amazing moments, but perhaps the most special one was Dato’ Vijay Eswaran receiving the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award on 8 September 2012, live on stage at V-Con in front of all the enthusiastic IRs! For his outstanding success, hard work, and vision, the Board of Editors of OBTAINER […]

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