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The Big Reason to Finish your Swiss eLearning Course by 15 April

  If you need a little motivation to get your Swiss eLearning Institute course squared off, then here it is! V-Malaysia 2014 is coming and you have until 15 April to register for the Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate Ceremony. If you have already completed your course, register now! What good is it if you don’t […]

The Perks of a Winning Business Management Aptitude

With the dawn of eLearning, more and more people are encouraged to learn and learn more. Industry pioneers expect that this new age of education will pave the way for learning to blend with our everyday activities. If you’re currently managing a business or planning to embark on a brand new business venture, you might […]

PRESENTATION: eLearning Booms says World Economic Forum

Did you know that the World Economic Forum recently listed eLearning as one of the Top 10 Internet and technology trends for 2014? If you’ve been planning to do some online study, now is the perfect time to do it by enrolling at the Swiss eLearning Institute. Why should I take up the Swiss eLearning […]

VIDEO: You’ll Love Swiss eLearning Institute Just Like these Guys

.See the announcement in your Virtual Office to read this article in Arabic برجاء رؤية الإعلان في مكتبك الإفتراضي الVO لقراءة هذا المقال باللغة العربية Want to know what people think about their Swiss eLearning Institute course? Check out these satisfied customers from Sudan and Egypt in this short video. Swiss eLearning Institute courses are […]

PRESENTATION: How eLearning will Beef Up your Résumé

“Why Swiss eLearning Institute… better yet, why eLearning at all?” How can eLearning and Swiss eLearning Institute courses enhance your life and help you in your career? Can it really make a difference in your life? Well, to answer your questions, and even to help you answer your prospects’, we’ve been scouring the Internet and […]

Countdown to 2014 – Two Final Treats from Swiss eLearning Institute

As the sun is setting on 2013 we have two pieces of good news. Firstly, from today to the end of the year, we are offering our regular Swiss eLearning Institute Cashback when you activate your course. Secondly, we have a hot new fresh Swiss eLearning Institute website for you to take a look at. So that’s […]

Top Takeaways from Swiss eLearning Institute’s eCommerce Course

Have you ever wondered what makes QNET a successful eCommerce business? It’s the healthy fusion of a direct selling business model, eCommerce platform and an effective online marketing strategy. QNET gives you the opportunity to learn more about modern marketing through the Swiss eLearning Institute eCommerce Course. The Course, available in English, will equip you with the […]

Why Our Courses Will Look Great on Your Resume

Swiss means quality and this alone is a  hell of a good reason to show off your Swiss eLearning Institute Course on your resume! But QNET’s business education courses are more than Swiss in name only. The curriculum of every Swiss eLearning Institute course is developed by SMC University at the SMC Global eLearning Competence Center […]

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