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One Week Left To Enjoy The QNET CASHBACK Incentive!

Calling all eCard users! You have only ONE WEEK to go before the QNET CASHBACK Incentive ends NEXT THURSDAY, 31 January 2013, 23:59 HKST! Shop for your favourite QNET products with your eCard and (depending on the amount of your purchase) you can earn CASHBACK! It will be credited into your Q Account within 2 […]

Start 2013 with QNET eCard Payment Incentive!

Happy New Year 2013! Let’s kick off the New Year with some good news! QNET is pleased to announce the extension of QNET eCard Payment Incentive. You can now enjoy it for one more month – available from now until Thursday, 31 January 2013, 23:59 HKST. Getting CASHBACK is easy. Just use your eCard to […]

Race Forward With The QNET eCard Payment Incentive!

Looking for a way to charge forward in the race to success with the F2 Super Bonanza? With the QNET eCard Payment Incentive extension you can earn MORE and grow your network! The F2 Super Bonanza is on and this is your chance to race forward and earn MORE money at the same time! It’s […]

Seize The Moment With The QNET eCard Payment Incentive!

You should never have any regrets or wish that you had done something but didn’t because once the moment passes you by, it’ll never come back. So what’s important is to focus on making the most of every moment! QNET gives you a chance to make the most of this very moment with the QNET […]

Get CASHBACK with the QNET eCard Payment Incentive This September!

September has finally arrived! You may be wondering why this month is causing such a fuss… September brings the arrival of the biggest event of the year; V-Con fever is truly in the air with the dawn of the phenomenal V-Indonesia 2012! Grab onto your seats because we have a lot of fun in store […]

Shop and Save with QNET eCard Payment Incentive!

Wouldn’t it be nice to save more when you shop for your favourite products? Yes, it is! Imagine getting your hands on what you love dearly at a cheaper price… isn’t that cool? Why pay more when QNET allows you to save money by getting CASHBACK with QNET eCard Payment Incentive! Every time you purchase […]

Make The Most Out Of QNET eCard Payment Incentive Before It Ends This Friday!

Only a few days left to enjoy the amazing CASHBACK rate of the QNET eCard Payment Incentive! We have insider information that it might be extended, but not with this fabulous CASHBACK rate! So what are you waiting for? If you are eyeing some great products in your eStore, this is the time to rush […]

Get CASHBACK Bonus for Another Round with QNET eCard Payment Incentive!

Love getting CASHBACK? We’ve got great news for you! QNET is extending your favourite QNET eCard Payment Incentive for another round so you can get CASHBACK as an extra special bonus from your purchases! All you have to do is use your eCard to purchase your favourite QNET products and get CASHBACK credited back into […]

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