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Narayanan Krishnan – THE WEEK Magazine publishes a Scoop on the Food Samaritan

THE WEEK magazine, the largest-selling English news magazine in India, featured a full-page story of Narayanan Krishnan – CNN Heroes 2010 Award Winner and the V-RYTHM Award 2011 recipient – as a part of its cover story in the latest anniversary edition.Narayanan Krishnan is a bright, young, award-winning chef who worked with a five-star hotel […]

RYTHM Foundation helps House Destitutes in India with USD 40,000 Donation

Do you believe that together we can build a more compassionate world? Not everyone was born having enough to put a roof over their head or food on the table. While many are sleeping peacefully at home, there are many less fortunate people out there, sleeping on the streets with no food to eat. QNet […]

Day 4 Highlights

Every day seems to get more and more exciting! The fourth day saw V-Con’s first all-women’s talk dedicated to the fairer gender. Hosted by none other than VP Ms Donna Imson, the eye-opening session covered important topics based on questions from our female IRs to help them be successful in their business. The talk ended with […]

Narayanan Krishnan Wins V-RYTHM Award

An emotional audience of 10,000 IRs and the rest of us watched, awestruck, as Narayanan Krishnan received this year’s V-RYTHM Award, which recognises humanitarians who epitomise charity, compassion and mercy. The award comes with a generous prize of USD25,000. Narayanan Krishnan is the kindred spirit featured on CNN as one of their Heroes of 2010. Once […]

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