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Read Your Way to the Top

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” – Confucius How many books have you read since the beginning of the year? Some of you might say ‘too many’; some may say ‘none’. Reading is, as we all know, important. We were […]

DOs and DON’Ts in Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered why some people captivate all the attention when they stand on a stage or even among a crowd and speak out their thoughts? Public speaking is surely not easy. If you have spoken in front of a crowd before, you know what might happen: your heart beats rapidly, you sweat all […]

Overcoming Fear In Daily Life

Fear is part of an arsenal of reactions that humans possess to deal with various situations that may come up in life. Most of us don’t encounter life-or-death situations in our daily lives; that doesn’t mean, however, that we never feel the nerve-wracking emotion of fear from time to time, whether in response to certain […]


“If only…” Most of us think or say these words countless times during the course of our lives. “If only I’d been better prepared”, “If only I hadn’t lost my temper”, “If only I’d taken the advice I was given”, and other variations, all of which amount to the same thing: regret. We all have […]

Let’s Be Politically Correct!

What is political correctness? To be politically correct is to express your thoughts, ideas, behaviour, etc. in a way that does not offend other people in terms of their occupation, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, disability and age. Why is being politically correct important? Because we are living in a globalised world. We contact people […]

Empty Your Cup to Fill In Your Knowledge

There is a Zen story that tells of a university professor who comes to visit a famous Zen master. While the master is serving tea, the professor begins talking about all the things he knows of Zen and its principles. The master, who remains quiet throughout the time that the professor is speaking, keeps pouring tea until it overflows […]

Easy Ways to Start a Conversation

Imagine you have just arrived at a party and the only person you know is the host. After being introduced by your friend, you are left in the middle of a group of people. The ice has not yet been broken; what do you do? Here are some tips on how to start a conversation […]

Manage Your Time and Your Life Gets Easier

Once in a while we may become overwhelmed by our responsibilities, wishing each day had more than 24 hours. Even one more hour per day would make a difference, we would think. The truth is if you do not know how to manage your time, 10 extra hours per day would not mean a thing. Here are […]

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