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INFOGRAPHIC: QNET Compensation Plan at a Glance

Here’s a new infographic showing you the features of the QNET Compensation Plan at a glance. The Compensation Plan defines the way you are generously rewarded for selling QNET products and services. The infographic highlights recent enhancements such as making it easier to earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP) which encourage you to develop a more […]

VIDEO: JR and Chief on #VCON14 and a Fantastic Secret

Your V-Malaysia hosts, QNET’s Managing Director JR Mayer and Chief Pathman Senathirajah have some very important news to share in the lead up to V-Malaysia 2014. But they also seem to be hinting at an exciting secret… Watch this video and get ready to travel to Penang for V-Malaysia 2014! SEE ALSO: The Big Reason […]

10 Fun Tips for Getting More Out of YouTube

As of this year, YouTube is the second most popular social platform worldwide, topped only by Facebook. We already know that it is a rich resource not only for entertainment, but especially for education, so here are several tips to help you make the most out of your daily YouTube experience.  1. Load videos faster. YouTube’s […]


  If you’re just starting your QNET business, there is so much to learn and no time to waste in marketing QNET products and building your network. We know you’re eager to get started so we’ve made a short must-see orientation video to familiarise you with some important details. Watch this video and discover more […]

Our New Data Centre provides Performance, Reliability and Security for Your Business

  Last year, QNET successfully brought online our second and most advanced data centre ever. As our network grows and sells more and more QNET products, we’ve had to invest in our systems to cope with the increased number of transactions in the QNET eStore.   SEE ALSO: QNET expands Safeguards on your Personal Information with […]

Extension of Time to Go For Gold Plus

You asked for it! And… you have got it! Yes, that’s right, we are extending Go For Gold Plus just a little longer. You have one more week to continue on your Go For Gold Plus streak – the promo now ends Friday, 18 April 2014. Don’t wait! You have only two more weeks to empower […]

QBuzz Quarterly a REAL Read

The second issue of QBuzz Quarterly is here and its a REAL read!  Summer is drawing close and with sunshine comes heat, and with heat comes the need to hydrate. Everyone knows the best way to beat the heat is a refreshing glass of clean fresh water… but REAL Water is even better!   DOWNLOAD NOW: […]

The New Virtual Office Help Centre has the Answers

  The latest enhancement to your Virtual Office makes QNET’s award winning customer support even better! Now find our customer support information under “Help Centre” in the main navigation of your Virtual Office. Find the answer you’re looking for by entering a search query to see all the articles matching your query. Our experienced Global […]

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