Russia’s FLY TEAM Charity Event Featured in Obtainer Magazine

International Direct Selling and Network Marketing magazine Obtainer covers a charity event organized by Russian IRs in the Russian Republic of Komi!

Last month the members of the FLY TEAM from the city of Ukhta, Komi donated much needed daily essentials to the ‘Malyshka’ orphanage, which is dedicated to taking care of abandoned children from newborns up to four year olds.

As a company QNET believes strongly in giving back to the community and makes a conscious effort to conduct various corporate social responsibility and charity activities in cooperation with the RYTHM Foundation.

We are also always happy and proud to hear that our Independent Representatives from around the world take the initiative to organize charity projects and help those less fortunate to make a difference.

Interested? Click here to read the article online. With coverage in Obtainer magazine networkers from different countries and companies can read about this amazing effort and we hope it becomes a source of inspiration for all!

Has your team been involved in any project or activity to help your community and MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Tell us all about it!


  1. Way cool, it’s awesome to really see how this organization has a heart. I know that there are many children in Russia that are struggling.

  2. Charity event is so good for people awareness. I am also join to charity from last 10 years and when i join a charity than i am so happy to charity. I am so impressed to website content if you want more details visit my website.

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