Learn and Grow with QNET WebiLearn this January!

Start off the New Year with QNET WebiLearn!

Give yourself a jump start into 2013 with FREE TRAINING from QNET WebiLearn!

Our GSC experts are here to give you the right knowledge and tools to take your business above and beyond this year!!

Learn about QNET LifeSite, QNET Products, QNET Tools, the enhanced Compensation Plan and more with QNET WebiLearn!

Check out this month’s schedule below:

Think about it… many companies charge for product training but QNET’s Global Support Centre staff offers FREE online webinars to help you learn about and understand QNET’s unique products features so you and your business can fly in 2013!

How do I join?

  1. Send an email to webinar@qnet.net with the following details: your name, IR ID, date and time of chosen webinar.
  2. QNET will get back to you with:
  • An email with a direct link to the webinar.
  • Click on the link and you will be taken to a web page.
  • Enter your name and email address. Then click “Join Now”.
  • After logging in, dial the number on your screen to join the webinar.



  1. Leela says:

    The website is not any longer available for me
    Secondly the webinars are during our office hours, can we have some later in the evening for us staying in Dubai
    many thanks

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Leela,
      We’ll pass your recommendation to our GSC team. Hopefully, we’ll find schedule that will suit you better.

      In service,

  2. mohamed ayman says:

    اريد المشاركه ف التدريب

  3. v prashanth says:

    how q infinite is beneficial, please through more light on it.

    Thank You

    • VGNair says:

      I would like to help you Mr.Prasanth. Let me know if you are already an Independent representative (IR) of qnet and wants to know more of infiniti or is it that you have no idea of the business and so needs to know its benefits ?

  4. freezz teo says:

    hi, what is SELI on 25 JAN

    • Quinn says:

      Hi there!
      this is webinar on Swiss Elearning Institute courses! please email to book your spot.

      In service,

  5. mohamed says:

    هو ممكن احضر كل الوبينار

  6. Can i ask about learning for free to the QNET networkers markting at febuary or any month will ????

    • Quinn says:

      Mahmoud, we have WebiLearn every month. Stay tuned to the blog to get update on when the next WebiLearn will be!

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