QNET Leaders and Officials Visit The Bangkok Office

Last week the QNET Bangkok office was buzzing with energy as it hosted many important guests.

Among the distinguished visitors were Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran along other QI Directors, as well as QNET’s official representative in Tajikistan Mr Saihomid Mahmudov (who was visiting the Bangkok office for the first time in his long stint with QNET!)


Mr Mahmudov presenting QNET Leadership with Gifts from Tajikistan 

Mr Mahmudov’s debut visit to Bangkok was an exciting and important one as he discussed further market development in Tajikistan with QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and the Business Development team. Mr Mayer praised Mr Mahmudov’s long service and unwavering commitment to supporting QNET IRs in Tajikistan.

Saihomid Mahmudov and  JR Mayer

During his visit, Mr Mahmudov took the opportunity to meet the various teams and departments that work together on bringing products to the eStore —from brainstorming ideas, product development and working with suppliers to preparing all marketing materials and actually launching new products. Furthermore, Mr Mahmudov and his Thai colleagues, the management and staff of QNET’s Representative Office in Bangkok, had a fruitful exchange of experience in providing important services to IRs in their respective countries.

Are you from Tajikistan? Comment to tell us about your QNET business!


  1. Parviz S. says:

    QNET in Tajikistan is growing!) and this next year will be unbelievable!

  2. suci says:

    in qnet dari padangsidimpuan sumatra utara , saya sngat bermimpikan ingin fhoto sama dengan leader yg berhasil , karna dari foto itu akan mengikut keberhasilan nya , dlm menjalankan bisnis qnet .

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