QNET LIFE SITE now available!

Since 16 April 2012, much has happened: worldwide launch of the enhanced QInfinite Compensation Plan, mega launch events around the globe, a range of new products (and more coming!), four eStores to choose how you shop, a revamped support centre, a renovated Virtual Office, new brochures and movies, a new website, and a new-look Q Account!

But it is not time to stop! It’s time for MORE!

Introducing QNET LIFE SITE – the ultimate online sales and marketing tool for the professional IR.

The QNET LIFE SITE is designed to help IRs convert leads to IRs and leads to Retail Customers, while increasing retail and repeat sales. With a complete evolution of the Personal Website and the addition of useful features such as a lead management platform, in-built email campaigns, task and time management tools, activity feeds, private social network, analytics to track campaigns, and many more, this world-class integrated online tool will power business practices even further. And IRs are being given first options on global Website names before anyone else – names are unique so once a name is taken, no one else can use that name.

QNET LIFE SITE is available through the Virtual Office or you can visit www.qnetlife.net to learn more.


  1. YOGESH says:

    I really want to use this system right away. But Is it available for Indian IR’s?. I logged in and cannot find the Qnet life site??? What do I do for http://www.qnetindia.in

    please reply ASAP

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Yogesh,
      At the moment, QNET LIFE SITE is available for QNET World only. But it is coming for India very soon! You’ll get the announcement.
      Thank you very much for your patience.

      In service,

    • usha says:

      go to http://www.qnetlife.in /if u are an ir then log in to ur virtual office and go to my profile and there u can connect to qnetlife

  2. URGENT : I want to know, whether it is possible and how, if somebody wants to transfer his Referrer under which he has got signed to another Referrer.

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Mohammed,
      No, this is not possible. Once you have registered, your referrer will remain your referrer.

      In service,

    • Abrarkhan says:

      mohammed …assalamo alikum…. i want to know that r u IR of qnet… coz i also want to join qnet.. it require joint amount or not and this amount in laks or what pls reply bhai

  3. we want to have our own site in our own language so think about it

    • Quinn says:

      It is coming in different languages! stay tuned! :)

      In service,

  4. hi
    do you want join in QNET
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    if you want join to QNET, you can get my referrals
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  5. Zheka says:

    HI! Are there any plans of VPs to visit Kazakhstan?

  6. adama traore says:

    i don’t have a website yet but i we’ll like to get more info about qnet throug my email

  7. akshat says:

    hi,my q account is blocked while checking my e-cards . while putting my secret destination and my name information so what should i do now??

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Akshat,
      Please contact the GSC for assistance.

      In service,

  8. Suresh says:

    pls suggest how to open my qnet life…

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Suresh,
      Activating your QNET Life Site is easy! When oyu login to your Virtual Office, just click on the grey QNET Life Site banner on the right (lower part of the page) OR select QNET Life Site under ‘My Profile’ category in the bottom of your Virtual Office. Make sure that your browser does not block the popups (you should get a popup). After that, just follow the instructions and your very own QNET Life Site will be online in no time! Good luck and let us know if you have any further questions!

      In service,

  9. Please can you enlighten me about what Qnet is all about?

  10. Abrarkhan says:

    im from NAGPUR. to join qnet buniness how much amount is required…. or it is free…. pls reply

  11. Pawan says:

    was wondering how to change the website once created?
    And can an IR have 2 websites for two different market segments?

  12. Pawan says:

    how can i change my lifesite?
    and can an IR have 2 websites for different market segments?

  13. Grace says:

    Hi There!

    I do I change my username for my qnetlife site. I’ve been trying it several times but not successful. Please help

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Grace!
      To change user name of your QNET Life Site, you need to submit a CRF (Customer Request Form) through your Virtual Office.
      Good luck!

      In service,

  14. Babe Harris says:

    I want to know, where is the address of Qnet in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia ?
    Is there some body can explain ?
    Thanks before …

    • Quinn says:

      Dear Babe Harris,

      We do not yet have a QNET office in Palembang, South Sumatra Indonesia.
      Are you by any chance referring to the leader/meeting point address?

      In service,

  15. Hasan Alobaidi says:

    I want to know, can I determine in which side will the sign up go when they buy a product throw qnet life site. Please help

  16. salam ana 3andi mochkila fi code pin


  18. pawka says:


  19. pawka says:


  20. mohit says:

    hello, if we bring prospects to lifesite then will prospect be able to know all information about the company and about the compensation plan of the company?

  21. Harish Damodhardas Asar says:

    I want to know why Qnet is charging to have your own personal website when initially it was given “free”. Most companies give this website facility free as it helps promote their business through their representatives.
    I request Qnet to reconsider their decision.

  22. boris says:

    хочу узнать если у меня просто кто то купит карту путешествия , что я за это получу

  23. Борис says:

    я знаю только один вид дохода , но есть еще 7 где я могу узнать про повторные продажи и по поводу баллав, в брашурах не понятно, подскажите

  24. Mazen says:

    Can I cancel once I sign up and buy a product

  25. sana says:

    i would like to join you guys but the problem is i don t have a referer.the one who introduced to me qnet i met him a very long time ago he tried to explain everything about qnet but then the time was short we were on a flight so i have no contact number,so plz i need

    • Harish Asar says:

      Hi Sana,
      Thanks your interest. Can you please send me a brief about yourself and inform where you are based. Also inform your contact details to discuss further.

  26. pawka says:


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